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I am a certified infant sleep consultant based out of Salt Lake City, UT. Ever since I was a little girl, people have called me a "baby whisperer" because of how easy it was for me to get babies to sleep. So I turned that gift into a career! Having a baby in your home is such a special experience, I want to help you enjoy it by making sure everyone is getting the sleep they need.

This has been a dream of mine for years in the making! My love for babies and sleep has been around long before I even knew what a sleep consultant was. I absolutely love working closely with families to encourage them as they make big changes in their life.

I offer a variety of services to get you the personalized help you need for your child. I offer a Free Introductory Call to everyone so you can hear about my sleep classes, support packages and phone consults.


"Emma was outstanding! We were at the end of our rope with multiple wake ups during the night from our 6 month old.


She created a sleep plan that we were comfortable with and it was very thorough and easy to follow. Within 2 days, our son was self soothing himself within 5 minutes and went from 4 wake ups to just one.


I learned so much from Emma, and not just in regards to sleep, she had very good advice for starting solids too. Hiring Emma was such a good decision, I just wish we would’ve done it sooner!"


"In short, Emma is magic. We chatted last Friday and baby has slept through the night. Every. Single. Night. Since.

I tweaked a couple things she recommended and now he's sleeping! We're all feeling a lot better about life over here. Couldn't recommend her more!"


"Emma helped our family sleep through the night when nothing else worked. We tried other courses and met with other sleep consultants but Emma was the only person who was able to help us because she provided the real-time support that we needed.


Her advice, schedules, and tips were so specific and well researched; it all made sense to us and everything clicked into place easily as soon as we started following her strategies. I can’t recommend Emma highly enough, her techniques for getting our twins to sleep well was life-changing for our family and her unending support throughout the process made it so much easier than we expected."


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