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Phone Consult Bundle

Three 30 minute phone consults you can use whenever, save by getting them all at once!

  • 30 minutes
  • Location 1

Package Description

Sleep problems can oftentimes be ongoing. As your child grows, their sleep needs change and it's nice to have a consistent resource to help you navigate the newest regression or problem. This is the most popular service I offer because whenever you need help, you can book a call and then we have 30 minutes to troubleshoot together, you can ask questions, get advice and get information you need to get though the next couple months. Then your child's sleep changes again and you can book another call! I can help with early morning wake ups, dropping night feedings, fixing false starts/split nights, dropping naps, schedule changes and more. My 30 minute phone consult is available to everyone, this is just a way to bundle and save money by getting THREE 30 minute phone consults at once, that you can use over any period of time.

Contact Details

  • 5037298473

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